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Since 2016, Elless has been of service to companies across the UK, finding cost-saving solutions for their records management. After extensive experience in the sector, we decided to fill the gap and provide a truly independent and expert service that will save your business money.

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Introducing Elless Solutions

Elless Solutions - Smart Record Management

With over 50 years’ experience in the records management sector, we are uniquely positioned to advise you on the best solutions to cost-effectively manage your business records.

We call this Smart Records Management.

Managing your business records shouldn’t cost the earth. At Elless, delivering significant cost savings without compromising service levels is at the heart of what we do; from SMEs to nationwide enterprises, we can help you save on your ongoing archive needs.

Through the implementation of compliant retention strategies and asset and supplier management, we can achieve cost-saving results for your business.

Your business has the records and our team has the know-how. Saving you money with the right records management solution is the priority for us both.

It’s Personal

Your business is unique, so your records management solutions should be too.

At Elless, we take the time to get to know your business and your records requirements, ready to create a solution tailored to you.

Could you be saving more than a few pennies on your current records management contracts?

Our team know where to look and what to ask to reduce costs without compromising on the service you need.

elless-smart-records-management-office-3 Commercial Audits

Your Business at Its Best

When trying to trim down the financial fat, too often we see companies focusing on the obvious, but not so penny-saving, aspects of their business.

These short-term cost-cutting strategies may seem helpful now but can impact the long-term growth of the business.

Let our experts handle the analysis and negotiations with our Commercial Audit service so you can be sure your money is working for you and make decisions that are right for the short and long term.

Get in touch with us today and learn how Elless could be the solution you have been looking for.

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Smart Records Management Services

Minimise your spending and maximise your profits with Elless’ smart solutions.

At their core, our services are about saving you money. Through analysing your records management or completing a commercial audit of your top customers, we aim to cut unnecessary spending and boost profits.

Smart Records Management

Our multi-stage process will ensure you have a robust, compliant, and cost-effective archiving solution.

Commercial Audit

Work smarter, not harder, and find out where you could boost profits with our Commercial Audit service.

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Case Studies

Discover real-life examples of how we have helped businesses with our cost reduction consultancy services. From cost-saving smart records management to finding missed revenue opportunities with a Customer Audit.

Smart Records Management

A large legal firm based in the UK.Skillbond


Skillbond – A UK-based dental technology company that stocks and supplies over 35,000 products for dental laboratory technicians.

Commercial Audits

A digital services business in the South of England.

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