The Customer

Skillbond - A UK-based dental technology company that stocks and supplies over 35,000 products for dental laboratory technicians.

The Problem

A third-party off-site record management storage service contract could have been working better for Skillbond.

The Solution

Our team reviewed Skillbond’s processes and systems, checking the contracts and invoices from their third-party record management provider. From our analysis, we quickly identified opportunities for streamlining and cost saving across the business.

We spoke to Skillbond’s supplier on their behalf, renegotiating their record storage contracts and advised on cost-saving record management solutions that also aided their business.

The Result

Our advice and help resulted in Skillbond making small changes that made a big difference to their record management and costs. We were able to:

  • Reduce the number of files archived in storage
  • Improve their service levels through accessible files and a smart storage system
  • Reduce their compliance risks
  • Implement significant cost savings

The renegotiation of contracts and smart record management solutions saved Skillbond 40% of its annual archive spend.