Smart Records Management

Smart Records Management

The Customer

A large legal firm based in the UK.

The Problem

We were tasked with taking a deeper look into the firms archiving costs with a suspicion that they were paying too much.

The Solution

Using a comparative measure from the legal sector, we benchmarked their archiving spend on a cost-per-fee-earner basis. The result – yes, they were paying too much for storing their archives.

After our analysis, we identified key changes that could not only reduce costs but improve the effectiveness of their service and make working life easier.

We advised the following changes:

  • Introduce a destruction policy in-line with compliance regulations
  • Split archives by active and inactive for a clearer and easily accessible system.
  • Introduce digital processes and digital delivery, freeing up space from physical documents and creating smoother access to files.
  • Renegotiate the contract and prices with their Record Management provider, ensuring they were receiving the right service for the company at the best price possible.

The Result

We were able to reduce their archiving spending by more than 50% – without the need to reduce their service or increase their compliance risk. Through our advised solution, not only would they save on costs, but their service would be improved through the speed of access to internal clients and compliance risks would be reduced by not holding records that should have been destroyed.

The most important result: a happy customer.